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Find Me

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Its the day after Christmas, and foolishly, you decide to take the family to Disney World. Your party splits up, and at lunch time, you find the last available seat in a packed dining area. You call your wife, and try to explain where you are: “No honey, you have to turn right at the Magic Castle…”

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could send your location to the Google Maps app on her phone? ~~Somewhat surprisingly Google Maps does not provide an easy interface to do this.~~ 1

With this app you can send an email with a Google Maps link to your location. When she clicks on the link, it opens in Google Maps, and she can find you!


Web Client

Firstly, install the external dependencies

npm install

For development mode, run

npm run watch

For a production build, run

npm run bundle

The production files will be placed in the dist/ directory.


Use the Demo webtask

By default, the app is linked the Demo Site Webtask. This uses a free tier account, and is limited to 1 request per second. You are welcome to use it for testing, but if you are going to create heavy traffic, please create your own task to keep the Demo responsive for other users. (The same applies for the Auth0, and Google Maps configuration, please replace the default config with your own configuration in production.)

Create your own webtask

Install and initialize the Webtask CLI

npm install wt-cli -g

wt-cli init my@email.address

Create the webtaks


The --watch switch is optional, and reloads the webtask on file change.

Update webpack.config.js

When you have run wt-cli create, it responds with your endpoint URL. You have to set this URL in externals.Config.webtaskUrl in webpack.config.js:

'Config': JSON.stringify(process.env.ENV === 'production' ? {
    webtaskUrl: ''
  } : {
    webtaskUrl: ''


To send the email link we perform a GET request on our webtask endpoint.

The request should have a Bearer token, obtained from Auth0.

Parameter Values Default
mail comma separated email addresses Required
lat -90 <= lat <= 90 Required
lon -180<= lat <= 180 Required
zoom zoom > 0 15
subject email subject line my location
message custom message Empty
test if enabled, email is not sent false

Further development

  1. As of March 2017 Google Maps provides a feature that would serve our primary use case. It is worth noting however, that the spirit of this Google Maps feature is very different from Find Me. Find Me is not designed to track its user, but allows the user to share a “one time location” with someone. That puts the user in control of when, and with whom, he wants to share his location.