Flash plugin on Firefox for Linux

The problem

I have been struggling with speed issues with Firefox on Linux for a long time.

Firefox forms a central part of my browsing workflow because I use pass to save my passwords, and the passff Firefox plugin to fill forms. To my knowledge there is no plugin for Chrome compatible with pass. (I previously used Keepass, but I did not like the fact that it is really a Windows app ported for Linux, and that it ties you to its gui interface. Pass does things the Unix way, and I like that.)

I always had the suspicion that my speed issues were due to the fact that my Flash plugin was grossly out of date. (If you are a Linux user you will probably know that Adobe stopped supporting the Flash plugin for Linux a few years ago.)

For Linux users the only way to have an up to date Flash plugin is to use the Pepperflash plugin that ships with Google Chrome. The Firefox developers however do not want to adopt this approach.

The solution

A couple of days ago my browser was incredibly slow once again and I began to look around for a way to use Pepperflash with Firefox, and I found freshplayerplugin.

On Arch Linux it was super simple to install it from the AUR:

yaourt -S freshplayerplugin

I also removed the old Adobe flash plugin:

yaourt -S flashplugin

2 days in, and my Firefox is feeling much more responsive.

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